The SuccessQuest Story

The story behind SuccessQuest is simple. It happens every day. It may be happening to you right now.

Two guys (we’ll call them Kirk and Ray and yes, that’s our real names) were running a relatively successful business. The product was good, service was good and sales were keeping the business afloat. But they found themselves working IN their business most of the time instead of working ON the business. They were hungry for a way to grow the business beyond the point of it needing them to be there micro managing every detail. They knew they needed a plan or they would be stuck in successful mediocrity forever.

If you are still reading, I’m guessing this is sounding a little familiar.

Kirk and Ray read book after book on business strategy, business planning and performance management and quite frankly they all sounded like a lot of theory and a lot of work. After all, they were running a business and spending 60 – 80 hours a week doing that, so little time was left for theoretical work and the creation of a 30 – 40 page business plan.

Two things came together like planets aligning. Kirk had first hand experience in the benefits and synergies of a one on one business coach – thanks go to our coach for making that relationship a powerful one. Ray had hands on experience running a multi million dollar organization with a concise, targeted and relevant business plan based on many of the Kaplan Norton principles.

It’s like the Reeses Pieces commercials about chocolate and peanut butter. Coaching and a concise business plan just simply work well together. By the way – here is a funny video about Reeses Pieces. Take a break and watch it now.

Coaching and a concise business plan is an almost perfect combination. What Kirk and Ray did was to combine to power of a business coach with the effectiveness of a concise business plan. It worked brilliantly.

So brilliantly in fact that they felt a driving need to share the concept with others and they built a new company around it and called the process SuccessQuest. You could say, they liked it so much they built the company – but then I’d be mixing my tag lines.

They assembled a team to build software to help create the plan (SuQu Map). They fostered alliances with coaches to create helpful resources (SuQu Certified Coaches). They built relationships with some of the most sought after speakers in the country to help spread the word (SuQu Ambassadors).

Although it is still only in it’s second year, Today, SuccessQuest is so successful that it is well positioned to be the industry standard for any professional or entrepreneur that wants to grow his of her business.

Thanks for taking the time to read our story.

We hope you hop on and enjoy the ride to where ever it is your vision takes you.

SuQu Head Council:

Kirk Lowe – SuQu Sherpa
Ray Gauthier – SuQu Sage

SuQu Ambassadors:

Jim Driscoll
Machen MacDonald
Todd Mauney
Rich Campe

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